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Concept Catalyst is now closed,
this website is now just to serve
as a personal legacy portfolio


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About Concept Catalyst

Concept Catalyst is a full spectrum toy development, consulting, and prototyping studio with a time-tested track record serving inventors, entrepreneurs, and major toy companies. From mockups to fully programmed prototypes, to giant, oversized tradeshow ready public attractions, Concept Catalyst is a one-stop shop with both the technical expertise and the product sense to make your idea tangible and ready for showtime.


Concept Catalyst's owner and founder, Rob Antonio has been in product development since the late 1990s, including freelance for The Sharper Image, and 13 years with the reknown invention group, KID Group LLC. KID Group is best known for inventing Bop It, and more recently for inventing Simon Swipe, 2015 TOTY Game of the Year.


Over those years, Rob honed a multi-disciplinary set of skills, allowing him to often serve as a single point, go-to source for comprehensive concept development, whether for digital presentation materials shown on screen, or full-featured, complete  stand-alone electronic prototypes, or for contributing to the gameplay or play pattern development.


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