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Industrial Design and Product Development for Educational Insights include:

(click on the EI logo to see more)

GeoSafari Day N' NIght Ant Factory

GeoSafari Talking Wildlife Camera

Design & Drill Marble Maze

Past freelance for the Sharper Image included development work for:

Razor Scooters (Classic and Electric)

Personal Cooling System 2.0 (click on the S.I. logo to see work)

Sound Soother Alarm Clock Radio

Other items the author has worked on in varying capacity while at KID Group include:

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Perplexus (PlaSmart/Spinmaster)

Bop It Beats (Hasbro)
Bop It (EA, iPhone and iPod apps)
Bop It Smash (Hasbro)
Crazy Cubes (Spinmaster)
Hyper Dash (Wild Planet)

Hyper Jump (Wild Planet)

Moon Dough Magic Zoo (Spinmaster)

Sky Boarder (Monkey Business)

Live Bug Projector (Insect Lore)
Power Tour Guitar (Hasbro/Tiger)
Easy Link (Fisher Price)

Net Jet (Hasbro)

YuGiOh Online Duel Pass (Konami)
My Secret Circle (Senario)

Groove It (Hasbro)
Regenerator R/C (Spinmaster Toys)
The Gigglator (Basic Fun)
MXD Magnetic Extreme Discs (Vivid)
No Brainer (Vivid)

Electronic Slinky (Spinmaster)

The Wiggles Dancing Guitar (Spinmaster)

Discover Sounds Zoo Motion Cube (Little Tikes)

it (Can You Imagine)

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