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KID Group Career Portfolio

"Frankenstein" Prototyping

Ugglys is an interactive electronic puppet, with a flair for repugnant fun, with control over the nuances of every little burble and whizzie sound of fart or burp via degree of puppetry.


On this prototype built to KID team specs (not shown),  a vintage product with a similar visual style was used for the prototype skin, saving time and cost otherwise spent sculpting unnecessarily from scratch. The author used special electronic hardware that allowed real-time warping of pre-recorded sounds, saving hours of sound editing and coding time. A customized switch solution fabricated to team spec was also designed and fabricated by the author that allowed for "puppetable sound control" based on how open or clenched the mouth was puppeted. Ugglys would go on to become one of Moose Toys best sellers, and later its own line of mini collectibles.

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