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Simon Swipe

KID Group Career Portfolio

Developed on production electronic hardware & software

While at KID Group, the author fabricated two generations of in-house hardware prototypes for what would later be licenced by Hasbro as Simon Swipe. The author also wrote the software for the first generation prototype to KID team specifications. Both prototypes were used in Hasbro's own evaluation and development process. (The video above is of Hasbro's own final design.)


The KID Group team then continued to develop the final production code in house in partnership with Hasbro, exemplifying the value of developing on the same microchips as would be  used in final production.



Simon Swipe would go on to win the TOTY for Game of the Year in 2015, and would earn the KID Group team Hasbro's own Inventor of the Year Award in the same year, the author (second from right) was part of that team.


From left to right, Gary Levenberg, Brian Clemens, Rob Antonio, and of course, Dan Klitsner, with both the TOTY and Hasbro IOTY awards.

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