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Perplexus Lightspeed


perplexus lightspeed package front copy.
perplexus lightspeed production in hand.

Fast tracking To Market

Concept Catalyst helped speed this product to market for a client, with 3 generations of fully working prototypes. With client provided CAD design files, the marble track parts were made in the client spec'd colors via FDM 3d printing, some of which were translucent, made of TPU, PETG, PLA, and co-polyester materials. (Photos above are of the final product in production)

For GENERATION 1, the client required one fully functioning prototype for their internal review and game development process. For this prototype, all FDM 3d printed parts were made in PLA, in client approved colors. The glass-clear parts were made from existing beverage bottles. At this stage a slightly rougher finished prototype was adequate Note the early part design differences from the above final product. The electronics were also built to client spec, including custom ball detection hardware, and on production ready electronic hardware. The initial programming on this first generation was also done by Concept Catalyst. Programming tether is for client reprogramming, client requested rechargeable li-po battery for the prototype, push buttons are obviously not production design intent. First generation prototype, as documented before releasing to client, the below video was not meant for as a complete gameplay demo video for review by the trade, just to confirm build completion with client for sign-off approval.

switch gen 1.png

custom ball detection hardware on early gen 1 prototype

GENERATION 2 (below) required 4 identical fully assembled and fully functioning prototypes in 8 days to introduce to the trade, so they had to be clean, presentable, and most of all robust enough to be handled by buyers.


FDM 3d printed parts from client provided CAD, with some light modification for the prototypes. Note that the part designs are more refined, with the Perplexus logo design as the speaker grille, and that the part colors had changed. Also for this proto, a matching pantone color for the orange was used, green parts are a co-polyester. The red pouches seen on the right in the black bin are production emulator chips from General Plus, waiting for programming and installation with the client's latest software code!


GENERATION 3, required 2 final prototype nearing production, notice that the colored "gates" have a dramatic new design. The client decided to do their own vacuum formning and final assembly of the outer shell, but here are the final parts as delivered for Gen 3, electronics hardware build and installation, and custom ball switch hardware also still done by Concept Catalyst. In the video you'll set the custom ball switches working as the electronics are shown in a "switch test" mode. Again this video is not a complete gameplay demo video for the trade, just to show build completion for the client.

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